We know how important it is to ensure freshness and flavor, especially when packaging your fresh roasted coffee or green beans. We carry air-tight packaging featuring a one-way degassing valve by PBi that ensures freshness by preventing oxygen from entering while allowing carbon dioxide to escape. For food service containers, wares, and more; visit our Products page.

We have an array of packaging for retail take away coffee or specialty foods such as macadamia nuts and cookies. For inquiries on the following, please contact us:
♦ Heat Sealing Equipment
♦ Custom Packaging
♦ Hot Stamping
♦ Special Valve Placement
♦ Label Application

♦ Tin-Tie Application
♦ Hang Hole Application

We have packaging especially for:
♦ Coffee
♦ Tea
♦ Specialty Foods
♦ Natural Products
♦ Pet Foods
♦ Dry Products

We carry these types of packaging:
♦ Foil, Matte Foil, Quad Seal Guesseted Bags
♦ Block Bottom Bags
♦ Flat & Stand-Up Pouches
♦ Crystal Clear Pacs
♦ Paper Tin-Tie Bags
♦ Specialty Tins
♦ Hard Bottom Stand-Up Bags
♦ Sustainable Packaging


Open/Release Mode
(Releasing CO2 emitted from coffee)
This drawing is a cross section of a premade coffee bag with a one-way valve in the open/release mode. When pressure inside a sealed package increases beyond the "valve opening pressure," the seal between the rubber disc and the valve body is momentarily interrupted and pressure can escape out of the package.

Air-Tight Closed Position
The CO2 pressure released from the fresh roasted coffee beans is low; therefore the valve is closed with an air-tight seal.


Side Gusseted Bag (SGB) featured on Page 8 of PBI Catalog
Packaging must preserve and protect the product. PBi's side gusseted bags are designed to protect products which require a high level of protection from oxygen. Different materials have properties that protect products from the damaging effects of light, oxygen, moisture, odor and infestation. PBi offers side gusseted bags using two different high barrier components: Foil and EVOH.

400 Series Stand-Up Pouch (SUP) featured on Page 18 of PBI Catalog
Within the 400 series PBi carries high barrier pouches that are made of 3-ply, adhesive laminated material with aluminum foil. Aluminum foil provides high oxygen and moisture barrier. Polyester (PET) provides good abrasion, tear, and puncture resistance for the package and protection from scuffing for the ink systems which are reverse printed on it. Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) provides strength, bulk, and heat-sealability.

425 Series Stand-Up Pouch (SUP) featured on Page 22 of PBI Catalog
The 3-ply includes metalized polyester. Metalized polyester provides barrier protection and a "metallic" shiny appearance, which some customers demand. The polyester outer layer (PET) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) inner layer provides adequate protection from oxygen and water vapor transmission at a reasonable price.

Paper Tin-Tie (PPTT) featured on Page 26 of PBI Catalog
The suitability and shelf life of a product in a paper tin-tie bag is dependent on the product stability with regards to oxygen, moisture, fat content, etc. If a longer shelf life than 7-10 days is needed, a barrier bag may be necessary. PBi offers three types of liners in the paper tin-tie bags:



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